Credibility comes from our knowledge and background whereas empathy comes from understanding the needs of our customers. Through a process that includes Article Reviews, Continuing Education Programs, CNA In-services, Family Educational materials and Community In-services, we provide extra value to our referral sources and our community at large. As a result, when a decision is made to refer to hospice, the benefit to all will be a clearer understanding of the benefits of hospice and a the selection of Compassus as the provider of choice for patients.

Here you will find just a few of the examples we utilize in our efforts to be the provider of choice.

Hospice Discussions/Communication

Communication at Times of Transitions
How Should Clinicians Describe Hospice to Patients and Families?
Lack of Concordance between Physician and Patient
Strategies for Timely and Effective Hospice Discussions


Palliative Medicine Review: Prognostication

Improving Outcomes

Improving End-of-Life Outcomes in Nursing Homes
Improving the Use of Hospice Services in Nursing Home Facilities