Determining Eligibility

Hospice is a special kind of care designed to provide comfort and support for patients and their families during the final stages of life. To be eligible for hospice care, the patient’s doctor and the hospice medical director must certify that the patient has a life expectancy of six months or less, if the disease progression were to run its normal course. Additionally, when a patient elects the hospice benefit they have accepted a goal of treatment focused on palliative care, comfort and relief from pain and symptoms.

At Compassus, we are committed to becoming an educational resource to our clients. To that end, the following pages have been designed to assist medical professionals in identifying and communicating with patients who meet hospice eligibility guidelines.

Within these pages, are general and diagnosis-specific criteria used in determining a patient’s eligibility for hospice care. Additionally, we have included useful language relating to the steps for an effective hospice discussion which will aid in the communication of the hospice benefit in a timely manner.

The Compassus Care Difference

Compassus advocates and respects the right of the patient and family to:

  • Enjoy the best possible quality of life
  • Have their values and wishes honored
  • Experience dignity in their care
  • Receive care in their environment of choice
  • Know what to expect
  • Receive continued support

Compassus is committed to clinical and professional excellence. Hospice locations are licensed by states and certified by Medicare and Medicaid.  Our Hospice physicians and nursing staff are available 24/7 and around-the-clock care is implemented when necessary.